Hailee Steinfeld talks about ‘Begin Again’ to Rose Hollywood Report [July 17, 2014] (x)

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Hailee Steinfeld behind-the-scenes of her Nylon Magazine Covershoot

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‘My Grandparents came to visit, and we actually took a day trip up to Verona which they filmed part of the film in. We went to Juliet’s Balcony, which is a really big tourist attraction there. So there are people from all over and my Mom has his genius idea of me going up on the balcony and taking a picture…’

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'It's like a frickin chia pet'

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pitchperfectmovie; Headed home. Thanks for tuning in to our Instagram takeover! And remember- it’s not the end, It’s just the beginning…#PitchPerfect2 #PP2 #May15 #WeOut @haileesteinfeld @chrissiefit

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pitchperfectmovie; With our fearless leader, @elizabethbanks 😘 #pitchperfect2

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@pitchperfectmovie; It’s not over yet. For us, anyway. @annakendrick47 @haileesteinfeld #OneMoreWeek #MissingOurBellaSistersAlready #pitchperfect2 #pp2

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@annakendrick47; Miss these crazy kids already. Except you @haileesteinfeld, let’s finish this damn movie!!!! 💙💛

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